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Name Publisher Year Rarity LooseRarity In Box Screenshots Videos
Name Publisher Year Rarity LooseRarity In Box Screenshots Videos
1942      Team Pixelboy2020--20
2010: The Graphic Action Game        Coleco - CBS19844631
421      Mathieu Proulx2002--50
Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress        Telegames19856851
Alphabet Zoo        Spinnaker Software19846761
Amazing Bumpman        Telegames19868981
Antarctic Adventure        Coleco - CBS19844641
Anti-Environment Encounter (A.E.)          Collectorvision Games2012--41
Aquattack          Interphase19847951
Arkanoid      Collectorvision Games2020--00
Armageddon      Collectorvision Games2011--31
Arno Dash      Under4MHZ2021--40
Artillery Duel        Xonox19835761
Astro Invader      Atariage2005--21
Astrododge      Revival Studios2012--21
B.C.'s Quest for Tires          Sierra On-Line19834651
B.C.'s Quest for Tires II: Grog's Revenge        Sierra On-Line19845651
Bagman      Collectorvision Games2015--51
Bank Panic          Team Pixelboy2011--51
Bankruptcy Builder          Good Deal Games2013--41
Battle of Hoth      Team Pixelboy2013--61
Beamrider        Activision19833531
Bejeweled        Daniel Bienvenu2002--51
Berenstain Bears, The        Coleco - CBS1984--20
Black Onyx, The        Team Pixelboy2013--21
Blockade Runner        Interphase19845831
Bomb Jack      Collectorvision Games2015--31
Bomb'n Blast      Collectorvision Games2011--32
Bomb'n Blast 2      Côté Gamers2020--01
Booming Boy        Team Pixelboy2019--21
Bosconian      Opcode Games2016--01
Boulder Dash        Telegames19848941
Boxxle        Team Pixelboy2015--21
Brain Strainers          Coleco - CBS19844541
Breakout        Daniel Bienvenu1999--30
Buck Rogers Super Game        Team Pixelboy2013--21
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom        Coleco - CBS19833571
Bugs'n Bots      Collectorvision Games2012--31
Bump'n Jump        Coleco - CBS19844661
BurgerTime        Coleco - CBS19843651
Burn Rubber          Collectorvision Games2012--51
Buster Bros. / Pang        Collectorvision Games2012--30
BustIn-Out      Daniel Bienvenu2000--00
C-So!        Team Pixelboy2018--21
Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show        Coleco - CBS19845771
Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures in the Park        Coleco - CBS19845641
Campaign '84        Sunrise Software19836871
Canadian Mini Games        Daniel Bienvenu2008--80
Caos Begins        Team Pixelboy2016--21
Carnival        Coleco - CBS19821231
Caterpillar S.O.S.        Collectorvision Games2011--71
Caverns of Titan        Team Pixelboy2017--21
Centipede        Atarisoft19832361
Chack'n Pop      Collectorvision Games2011--30
Challenger      Collectorvision Games2019--01
Champion Pro Wrestling        Team Pixelboy2020--21
Chess Challenger      Collectorvision Games2012--30
Children of the Night        Team Pixelboy2018--21
Choplifter!        Coleco - CBS19845741
Chuck Norris Superkicks        Xonox19835751
Circus Charlie          Team Pixelboy2011--21
Cix      Good Deal Games2013--20
Cold Blood        Team Pixelboy2017--21
Comic Bakery      Collectorvision Games2014--41
Computer Space      Collectorvision Games2014--31
Congo Bongo        Coleco - CBS19844541
Cosmic Avenger        Coleco - CBS19821241
Cosmic Crisis        Bit Corporation1983101041
Cosmo Fighter 2      Good Deal Games2005--31
Cosmo Fighter 3      Good Deal Games2010--11
Cye 1.2      Good Deal Games2008--41
DacMan      Daniel Bienvenu2000--51
Dam Busters, The        Coleco - CBS19844781
Dance Fantasy        Fisher-Price19845721
Danger Tower        Team Pixelboy2017--21
Decathlon, The Activision        Activision19833561
Deep Dungeon Adventure        Team Pixelboy2017--21
Defender        Atarisoft19833441
Deflektor Kollection        Atariage2003--20
Destructor        Coleco - CBS19843531
Destructor SCE (Standard Controller Edition)          Team Pixelboy2010--20
Diamond Dash 2      Under4MHZ2021--40
Dig Dug        Atarisoft1984--61
Digger      Collectorvision Games2015--30
Donkey Kong          Coleco - CBS19821841
Donkey Kong, Jr.        Coleco - CBS19831231
Dr. Seuss' Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler        Coleco - CBS19844561
Dragon's Lair        Team Pixelboy2012--21
Dragon's Lair        Coleco - CBS1984--20
Dragonfire        Imagic19845751
Drol      Collectorvision Games2016--01
Dukes of Hazzard, The        Coleco - CBS19845631
Dungeon & Trolls      Collectorvision Games2014--51
Earth Defend 2083      Collectorvision Games2013--20
Electric Adventures' Classics      Collectorvision Games2013--31
Elevator Action      Collectorvision Games2012--31
Escape From The Mind Master        Epyx1983--00
Evolution          Sydney Development Co.19835841
Facemaker        Spinnaker Software19834531
Fall Guy, The        20th Century Fox1983--31
Fathom        Imagic19834641
Fireman        Nice Ideas1984--40
Flapee Byrd        Collectorvision Games2014--31
Flicky        Team Pixelboy2018--20
Flipper Slipper        Spectravideo19836731
Flora and the Ghost Mirror        Daniel Bienvenu2012--41
Fortune Builder          Coleco - CBS19845661
Fraction Fever        Spinnaker Software19834531
Frantic Freddy        Spectravideo19835751
Frenzy        Coleco - CBS19832581
Frog Feast      Unknown2007--30
Frogger          Parker Brothers19834651
Frogger II: Threeedeep!        Parker Brothers19845741
Front Line        Coleco - CBS19832571
Front Line S.C.E        Team Pixelboy2015--20
Frostbite        Team Pixelboy2017--21
Galaga      Collectorvision Games2014--31
Galaxian        Atarisoft19835751
Game Pack #1      Good Deal Games2002--130
Game Pack #2      Good Deal Games2003--110
Gamester 81: The Video Game      Atari 2600.com2013--01
Gateway to Apshai        Epyx19844561
Gauntlet        Team Pixelboy2019--21
Ghost      Team Pixelboy2020--20
Ghost'n Zombies: A Quest For a Rose      Collectorvision Games2009--31
Ghostblaster        Daniel Bienvenu2006--51
Ghostbusters        Team Pixelboy2018--20
Girl's Garden          Team Pixelboy2010--21
Golgo 13          Team Pixelboy2011--21
Goonies, The        Team Pixelboy2012--21
Gorf        Coleco - CBS19832461
Gradius      Opcode Games2016--01
Gulkave          Team Pixelboy2010--21
Gust Buster        Sunrise Software19835761
Gyruss        Parker Brothers19844651
H.E.R.O.        Activision19844591
Hang-On      Collectorvision Games2016--01
Heist, The          Micro Fun19834551
HeliFire      Collectorvision Games2013--31
Heroes Arena        Team Pixelboy2017--21
Hole In One      Collectorvision Games2017--01
Hustle Chumy      Collectorvision Games2019--00
Illusions        Coleco - CBS19845631
Insane Pickin' Sticks VIII        Daniel Bienvenu2010--10
It's Only Rock'n Roll          Xonox198468111
J.E.T.P.A.C.        Team Pixelboy2017--21
James Bond 007          Parker Brothers19844651
Jawbreaker 1 and 2      Collectorvision Games2019--00
Jeepers Creepers        Daniel Bienvenu2010--51
Jet Pack!      Harvey DeKline2014--50
Jet Ready      Collectorvision Games2019--00
Joust      Team Pixelboy2014--21
Joust        Atarisoft1984--00
Jukebox        Spinnaker Software19846741
Jumpland      Collectorvision Games2016--01
Jumpman Junior          Epyx19844581
Jungle Hunt        Atarisoft19836861
Junkwall      Collectorvision Games2016--31
Kaboom!        Team Pixelboy2017--20
Ken Uston Blackjack-Poker        Coleco - CBS19832341
Kevtris      Kevin Horton1996--41
Keystone Kapers        Activision19845641
King & Balloon        Team Pixelboy2018--20
King's Valley        Team Pixelboy2012--21
Klondike Solitaire      Under4MHZ2021--60
Knight Lore        Team Pixelboy2016--20
Knight'n More      Côté Gamers2016--41
Knightmare        Team Pixelboy2015--21
Kobashi        Collectorvision Games2010--30
Konami's Ping-Pong          Team Pixelboy2011--30
Kralizec Tetris        Team Pixelboy2017--21
Kung-Fu Master        Collectorvision Games2016--21
Lady Bug        Coleco - CBS19821261
Learning with Leeper        Sierra On-Line19844671
Light Grid Racing      Collectorvision Games2015--31
Linking Logic        Fisher-Price19845731
Lock'n Chase      Collectorvision Games2012--31
Loderunner      Collectorvision Games2013--31
Logic Levels        Fisher-Price19845741
Looping        Coleco - CBS19832351
Lord of the Dungeon      Collectorvision Games2011--40
Lord of the Dungeon        NAP Consumer Electronics Corp.1983--40
Lunar Leeper      Collectorvision Games2020--01
L’Abbaye des Morts      Collectorvision Games2020--01
M.A.S.H.        20th Century Fox1983--00
Magical Tree        Opcode Games2006--41
Mahjong Solitaire      Under4MHZ2021--40
Majikazo        Team Pixelboy2016--20
Mappy        Team Pixelboy2016--20
Mario Brothers          Collectorvision Games2009--31
Maze Maniac        Charles-Mathieu Boyer2006--40
MazezaM      Collectorvision Games2016--31
Mean Santa      2600 Connection2020--21
Mecha-8        Team Pixelboy2013--21
Mecha-9        Team Pixelboy2016--20
Memory Manor        Fisher-Price19845761
Memotech MTX Series Games Collection Vol.1      Collectorvision Games2013--31
Memotech MTX Series Games Collection Vol.2      Collectorvision Games2013--30
Meteoric Shower      Bit Corporation19847861
Mindwalls      Collectorvision Games2013--31
Miner 2049er        Micro Fun19833531
Minesweeper      Under4MHZ2021--40
Miss Space Fury        Daniel Bienvenu2001--50
Module Man        Team Pixelboy2013--21
Monkey Academy        Coleco - CBS198446101
Monster House (Youkai Yashiki)      Collectorvision Games2017--01
Monster Masher      Good Deal Games2007--21
Montezuma's Revenge        Parker Brothers19845671
Moon Patrol      Collectorvision Games2014--41
Moonsweeper        Imagic19833571
Mopiranger        Team Pixelboy2012--20
Motocross Racer          Xonox19846981
Mountain King        Sunrise Software19844661
Mouse Trap          Coleco - CBS19821251
Mr. Chin          Collectorvision Games2008--21
Mr. Do!        Coleco - CBS19832461
Mr. Do!'s Castle        Parker Brothers19845641
Mr. Turtle      Gerry Brophy2015--71
Multiverse        Team Pixelboy2019--21
Muncher Mouse      Côté Gamers2019--01
Nibbli: Son of Nibbler      Collectorvision Games2014--30
Ninja Princess          Team Pixelboy2011--21
Nova Blast        Imagic19833571
Oil's Well        Sierra On-Line19845851
Omega Race        Coleco - CBS19832461
One on One Basketball        Micro Fun19846841
Operation Wolf        Team Pixelboy2016--20
Orbit        Parker Brothers1983--10
Ozma Wars      Collectorvision Games2011--30
Pac-Man        Atarisoft1984--31
Pac-Man Collection        Opcode Games2008--51
Pacar        Team Pixelboy2017--21
Peek-a-boo          Team Pixelboy2010--21
Pegged      Under4MHZ2021--30
Penguin Adventure      Opcode Games2016--01
Penguin Land        Collectorvision Games2010--41
Pepper II        Coleco - CBS19831291
Pillars      Under4MHZ2021--40
Pippols      Collectorvision Games2014--30
Pitfall II Arcade          Team Pixelboy2010--21
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns        Activision19844631
Pitfall!        Activision19832551
Pitman      Under4MHZ2021--40
Pitstop        Epyx19833491
Pong      Collectorvision Games2014--00
Pooyan        Collectorvision Games2009--31
Popeye        Parker Brothers19832351
Porkys        20th Century Fox1983--51
Power Lords: Quest for Volcan        NAP Consumer Electronics Corp.1983--30
Princess Quest          Team Pixelboy2012--21
Prisoner of War      Team Pixelboy2020--20
Purple Dinosaur Massacre        Classic Game Creations1996--20
Puzzli        Collectorvision Games2011--31
Pyramid Warp & Battleship Clapton 2        Collectorvision Games2009--30
Q*bert          Parker Brothers19831361
Q*bert's Qubes        Parker Brothers19846831
Qbiqs        Team Pixelboy2019--21
Quatre      Collectorvision Games2019--00
Quest for Quintana Roo        Sunrise Software19835781
Quest for the Golden Chalice          Team Pixelboy2012--61
Rally-X        Team Pixelboy2016--20
Remember The Flag        Team Pixelboy2017--21
Reversi and Diamond Dash        Daniel Bienvenu2004--60
Rip Cord      Collectorvision Games2017--01
River Raid        Activision19842571
Road Fighter        Opcode Games2007--41
Robee Blaster      Collectorvision Games2017--01
Robin Hood        Xonox19846841
Roc'n Rope        Coleco - CBS19843581
Rock'n Bolt        Telegames1984101071
Rocky: Super Action Boxing        Coleco - CBS19832561
Roller Ball      Collectorvision Games2013--50
Rolloverture        Sunrise Software19836741
Root Beer Tapper        Coleco - CBS19843581
Saguaro City      Collectorvision Games2020--00
Sammy Lightfoot        Sierra On-Line19838951
Sasa      Collectorvision Games2016--01
Schlange CV      Good Deal Games2006--30
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels      Good Deal Games2006--60
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels 2      Good Deal Games2007--50
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels 3        Good Deal Games2013--60
Secret of the Moai        Team Pixelboy2018--20
Sector Alpha        Spectravideo19837981
Sewer Sam        Interphase19845791
Shifted      Revival Studios2014--20
Shmup!        Team Pixelboy2017--21
Shouganai        Team Pixelboy2017--21
Shunting Puzzle      Good Deal Games2013--20
Side Trak      Collectorvision Games2012--31
Sir Ababol      Côté Gamers2020--01
Sir Lancelot        Xonox19836881
Skiing        Telegames19867891
Sky Jaguar        Opcode Games2004--41
Slither        Coleco - CBS19832241
Slurpy        Xonox19848961
Smurf Challenge      Collectorvision Games2010--81
Smurf Paint'n Play Workshop        Coleco - CBS19845781
Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle        Coleco - CBS19821291
Smurfs Save the Day        Coleco - CBS1985--30
Snake      Under4MHZ2021--40
So, You Want to Be a Knight?      Collectorvision Games2015--31
Space Fury        Coleco - CBS19832391
Space Invaders Collection        Opcode Games2003--41
Space Invasion        Classic Game Creations1998--40
Space Panic        Coleco - CBS19832351
Sparkie      Collectorvision Games2018--01
Spectar      Atariage2002--30
Spectron        Spectravideo19836841
Spelunker        Team Pixelboy2015--21
Spunky's Super Car!        Collectorvision Games2014--31
Spy Hunter        Coleco - CBS198457141
Squares        Atariage2008--41
Squish 'Em Featuring Sam          Interphase19844561
Star Force          Team Pixelboy2011--21
Star Fortress        Classic Game Creations1998--21
Star Soldier      Collectorvision Games2016--01
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator        Coleco - CBS19844691
Star Wars: The Arcade Game        Parker Brothers19844661
Starcom      Collectorvision Games2012--31
StarShip Defence Force      Collectorvision Games2015--31
Steamroller        Retrotopia2000--21
Stray Cat        Team Pixelboy2017--21
Strike It        Telegames19867851
Strip Poker      Daniel Bienvenu2013--11
Subroc        Coleco - CBS19832471
Subroc Super Game        Team Pixelboy2014--21
Sudoku        Team Pixelboy2017--21
Super Action Baseball          Coleco - CBS19832251
Super Action Football          Coleco - CBS19842461
Super Action Football (Soccer)        Coleco - CBS19847981
Super Cobra        Parker Brothers19834561
Super Cross Force      Spectravideo19835751
Super DK!        Coleco - CBS1983--00
Super DK! Junior        Coleco - CBS1983--00
Super Minefield      Collectorvision Games2013--31
Super Pac-Man        Team Pixelboy2016--21
Super Sketch - Sketch Master        Practical Peripherals19849951
Super Space Acer        Mike Brent2011--31
Sword and the Sorcerer, The        Coleco - CBS1983--40
Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe      Collectorvision Games2017--01
Tank Battalion      Opcode Games2016--01
Tank Challenge      Collectorvision Games2014--31
Tank Mission      Collectorvision Games2017--01
Tank Wars        Telegames19868971
Tarzan        Coleco - CBS198425101
Telebunny      Collectorvision Games2014--31
Telly Turtle        Coleco - CBS19844661
Terra Attack      Atariage2010--51
The Cure      Team Pixelboy2020--21
The Stone of Wisdom        Team Pixelboy2015--21
Thexder        Team Pixelboy2012--21
Threshold        Sierra On-Line19836791
Time Pilot        Coleco - CBS19832371
Tomarc the Barbarian        Xonox19847951
Tournament Tennis        Imagic19847961
Track & Field          Team Pixelboy2010--21
Traffic Jam        Team Pixelboy2017--21
Turbo        Coleco - CBS19822271
Tutankham          Parker Brothers19834591
TwinBee        Team Pixelboy2014--20
Txupinazo!        Team Pixelboy2017--21
Up'n Down        Coleco - CBS19847881
Uridium        Team Pixelboy2019--21
Uwol Quest for Money      Côté Gamers2020--01
Vanguard      Collectorvision Games2019--21
Venture        Coleco - CBS19821251
Vexed      Under4MHZ2021--40
Victory        Coleco - CBS19831261
Void, The      Atari 2600.com2010--30
War        Gerry Brophy2014--61
War Room        Probe 200019833681
WarGames          Coleco - CBS198435141
Warp & Warp      Opcode Games2016--01
Waterville Rescue        Mike Brent2009--31
Way of the Exploding Foot, The      Collectorvision Games2011--31
Wing War          Imagic19836781
Winky Trap        Collectorvision Games2007--30
Wiz Math, The Wizard of Id's        Sierra On-Line19848971
Wizard of Wor        Team Pixelboy2018--21
Wonder Boy        Team Pixelboy2012--21
Word Feud        Xonox19847941
Yie Ar Kung-Fu        Opcode Games2005--41
Yolk's on You, The        20th Century Fox1983--00
Zanac      Collectorvision Games2015--30
Zaxxon        Coleco - CBS19821251
Zaxxon Super Game        Team Pixelboy2012--20
Zenji        Activision19845671
Zippy Race        Collectorvision Games2009--30
Zombie Incident        Team Pixelboy2018--20
Zombie Near        Collectorvision Games2012--31