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Description: These are the homebrew titles produced from 1996 to the present day. The selection is vast and awesome. In order to have a title listed here it would have had been available in cartridge form. Some have ROM files and some don't. Enjoy! And please show your support!


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All Legacy (1982-86) Homebrew (1996-Present) Homebrew ROM Only (1996-Present) Prototype Educational

Name Publisher Size (KB) Year Screenshots Videos
Name Publisher Year Size (KB) Screenshots Videos
1942      Team Pixelboy-202020
421      Mathieu Proulx25200250
Acromage      Team Pixelboy-201620
Aerial        Inufuto10202201
Alpharoid      Opcode Games-201800
Anti-Environment Encounter (A.E.)          Collectorvision Games17201241
Arkadion      8-bit Milli Games-202251
Arkanoid      Collectorvision Games-202000
Armageddon      Collectorvision Games-201131
Arno Dash      Under4MHZ32202140
Asteroids        Team Pixelboy32202220
Astro Invader      Atariage-200521
Astrododge      Revival Studios-201221
Astrostorm      AnalogKid28202130
Bagman      Collectorvision Games-201551
Bank Panic          Team Pixelboy32201151
Bankruptcy Builder          Good Deal Games26201341
Battle of Hoth      Team Pixelboy-201361
Battlot        Inufuto9202200
Bejeweled        Amy Marie Bienvenu25200251
Black Onyx, The        Team Pixelboy64201321
Bomb Jack      Collectorvision Games-201531
Bomb'n Blast      Collectorvision Games-201132
Bomb'n Blast 2      Côté Gamers-202001
Bomber King      Team Pixelboy-202020
Booming Boy        Team Pixelboy32201921
Boot Hill      Gerry Brophy-202171
Bootskell        Inufuto9202200
Bosconian      Opcode Games-201601
Boxxle        Team Pixelboy64201521
Breakout        Amy Marie Bienvenu13199930
Buck Rogers Super Game        Team Pixelboy256201321
Bugs'n Bots      Collectorvision Games-201231
Burn Rubber          Collectorvision Games32201251
Buster Bros. / Pang        Collectorvision Games-201230
BustIn-Out      Amy Marie Bienvenu-200000
C-So!        Team Pixelboy32201821
Cabbage Patch Kids      Opcode Games-201700
Canadian Mini Games        Amy Marie Bienvenu32200880
Caos Begins        Team Pixelboy32201621
Caterpillar S.O.S.        Collectorvision Games32201171
Cavern Fighter      Collectorvision Games-202100
Caverns of Titan        Team Pixelboy32201721
Cavit        Inufuto10202200
Chack'n Pop      Collectorvision Games-201130
Challenger      Collectorvision Games-201901
Champion Pro Wrestling        Team Pixelboy32202021
Chess Challenger      Collectorvision Games-201230
Children of the Night        Team Pixelboy128201821
Circus Charlie          Team Pixelboy32201121
Cix      Good Deal Games-201320
Cold Blood        Team Pixelboy32201721
Comic Bakery      Collectorvision Games-201441
Computer Space      Collectorvision Games-201431
Cosmo Fighter 2      Good Deal Games-200531
Cosmo Fighter 3      Good Deal Games-201011
Crazy Chicken Junior      8-bit Milli Games-202201
Crazy Climber Redux          8-bit Milli Games32202150
Cye 1.2      Good Deal Games-200841
DacMan        Amy Marie Bienvenu24200051
Danger Tower        Team Pixelboy32201721
Dead Tomb      Gerry Brophy-202131
Deep Dungeon Adventure        Team Pixelboy128201721
Deflektor Kollection        Atariage31200320
Demon Attack and New Atlantis (Classics Reimagined Volume 1)      8-bit Milli Games-202221
Desolator      8-bit Milli Games-202201
Destructor SCE (Standard Controller Edition)          Team Pixelboy32201020
Diamond Dash 2      Under4MHZ32202140
Digger      Collectorvision Games-201530
Dragon's Lair        Team Pixelboy256201221
Drol      Collectorvision Games-201601
Dungeon & Trolls      Collectorvision Games-201451
Earth Defend 2083      Collectorvision Games-201320
Electric Adventures' Classics      Collectorvision Games-201331
Elevator Action      Collectorvision Games-201231
Flapee Byrd        Collectorvision Games32201431
Flicky        Team Pixelboy32201820
Flora and the Ghost Mirror          Amy Marie Bienvenu30201241
Frog Feast      Unknown21200730
Front Line S.C.E        Team Pixelboy32201520
Frostbite        Team Pixelboy32201721
Galaga      Collectorvision Games-201431
Game Pack #1      Good Deal Games-2002130
Game Pack #2      Good Deal Games-2003110
Gamester 81: The Video Game      Atari
Gauntlet        Team Pixelboy256201921
Ghost      Team Pixelboy-202020
Ghost'n Zombies: A Quest For a Rose      Collectorvision Games-200931
Ghostblaster        Amy Marie Bienvenu32200651
Ghostbusters        Team Pixelboy64201820
Girl's Garden          Team Pixelboy31201021
Golgo 13          Team Pixelboy32201121
Goonies, The        Team Pixelboy128201221
GP World        Team Pixelboy32202120
Gradius      Opcode Games-201601
Gulkave          Team Pixelboy32201021
Hang-On      Collectorvision Games-201601
HeliFire      Collectorvision Games-201331
Heroes Arena        Team Pixelboy32201721
Hole In One      Collectorvision Games-201701
Hustle Chumy      Collectorvision Games-201900
Impetus        Inufuto16202200
Insane Pickin' Sticks VIII        Amy Marie Bienvenu30201010
J.E.T.P.A.C.        Team Pixelboy32201721
Jawbreaker 1 and 2      Collectorvision Games-201900
Jeepers Creepers        Amy Marie Bienvenu32201051
Jet Pack!      Harvey DeKline4201450
Jet Ready      Collectorvision Games-201900
Joust      Team Pixelboy-201421
Jumpland      Collectorvision Games-201601
Junkwall      Collectorvision Games-201631
Kaboom!        Team Pixelboy16201720
Kevtris      Kevin Horton16199641
King & Balloon        Team Pixelboy32201820
King's Valley        Team Pixelboy32201221
Klondike Solitaire      Under4MHZ32202160
Knight Lore        Team Pixelboy32201620
Knight'n More      Côté Gamers-201641
Knightmare        Team Pixelboy128201521
Kobashi        Collectorvision Games16201030
Konami's Ping-Pong          Team Pixelboy32201130
Kralizec Tetris        Team Pixelboy32201721
Kung-Fu Master        Collectorvision Games128201621
Lift        Inufuto8202200
Light Grid Racing      Collectorvision Games-201531
Lock'n Chase      Collectorvision Games-201231
Lode Runner      Collectorvision Games-201331
Lord of the Dungeon      Collectorvision Games-201140
Lunar Leeper      Collectorvision Games-202001
L’Abbaye des Morts      Collectorvision Games-202001
Magical Tree        Opcode Games32200641
Mahjong Solitaire      Under4MHZ32202140
Majikazo        Team Pixelboy32201620
Mappy        Team Pixelboy32201620
Mario Brothers          Collectorvision Games64200931
Maze Maniac        Charles-Mathieu Boyer32200640
MazezaM Challenge      Collectorvision Games-201631
Mazy        Inufuto7202201
Mean Santa      2600 Connection-202021
Mecha-8        Team Pixelboy128201321
Mecha-9        Team Pixelboy256201620
Memotech MTX Series Games Collection Vol.1      Collectorvision Games-201331
Memotech MTX Series Games Collection Vol.2      Collectorvision Games-201330
Mikie        Team Pixelboy32202100
Mindwalls      Collectorvision Games-201331
Minesweeper      Under4MHZ13202140
Miss Space Fury        Amy Marie Bienvenu32200150
Missle Strike      AnalogKid27202140
Module Man        Team Pixelboy32201321
Monaco GP        Team Pixelboy32202120
Monster House (Youkai Yashiki)      Collectorvision Games-201701
Monster Masher      Good Deal Games-200721
Moon Patrol      Collectorvision Games-201441
Mopiranger        Team Pixelboy32201220
Mr. Chin          Collectorvision Games32200821
Mr. Turtle      Gerry Brophy-201571
Multiverse        Team Pixelboy32201921
Muncher Mouse      Côté Gamers-201901
N-Sub        Team Pixelboy16202120
Nether Dungeon      Team Pixelboy-202120
Neuras        Inufuto8202200
Nibbli: Son of Nibbler      Collectorvision Games-201430
Ninja Princess          Team Pixelboy32201121
Operation Wolf        Team Pixelboy32201620
Ozma Wars      Collectorvision Games-201130
Pac-Man Collection        Opcode Games128200851
Pacar        Team Pixelboy32201721
Peek-a-boo          Team Pixelboy32201021
Pegged      Under4MHZ32202130
Penguin Adventure      Opcode Games-201601
Penguin Land        Collectorvision Games-201041
Pillars      Under4MHZ32202140
Pippols      Collectorvision Games-201430
Pitfall II Arcade          Team Pixelboy32201021
Pitman      Under4MHZ32202140
Pong      Collectorvision Games-201400
Pooyan        Collectorvision Games32200931
Princess Quest          Team Pixelboy256201221
Prisoner of War      Team Pixelboy-202020
Purple Dinosaur Massacre        Classic Game Creations9199620
Puzzli        Collectorvision Games-201131
Pyramid Warp & Battleship Clapton 2        Collectorvision Games32200930
Qbiqs        Team Pixelboy128201921
Quatre      Collectorvision Games-201900
Quest for the Golden Chalice          Team Pixelboy32201261
R-Type      Team Pixelboy-202020
Rally-X        Team Pixelboy32201620
Raptus        Inufuto12202200
Remember The Flag        Team Pixelboy32201721
Reversi and Diamond Dash        Amy Marie Bienvenu29200460
Rip Cord      Collectorvision Games-201701
Risky Rick In Dangerous Traps      ArcadeVision-201901
Road Fighter        Opcode Games32200741
Robee Blaster      Collectorvision Games-201701
Roller Ball      Collectorvision Games-201350
Runaway Train      8-bit Milli Games-202231
Saguaro City      Collectorvision Games-202000
Sasa      Collectorvision Games-201601
Schlange CV      Good Deal Games-200630
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels      Good Deal Games-200660
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels 2      Good Deal Games-200750
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels 3        Good Deal Games31201360
Secret of the Moai        Team Pixelboy128201820
Sega Flipper        Team Pixelboy16202120
Shifted      Revival Studios-201420
Shmup!        Team Pixelboy32201721
Shouganai        Team Pixelboy32201721
Shunting Puzzle      Good Deal Games-201320
Side Trak      Collectorvision Games-201231
Sindbad Mystery        Team Pixelboy32202120
Sir Ababol      Côté Gamers-202001
Sky Jaguar        Opcode Games32200441
Smurf Challenge      Collectorvision Games-201081
Snake      Under4MHZ14202140
So, You Want to Be a Knight?      Collectorvision Games-201531
Space Invaders Collection        Opcode Games32200341
Space Invasion        Classic Game Creations16199840
Space Shuttle: A Journey Into Space            Team Pixelboy64202221
Sparkie      Collectorvision Games-201801
Spectar      Atariage-200230
Spelunker        Team Pixelboy128201521
Spunky's Super Car!        Collectorvision Games32201431
Squares        Atariage5200841
Star Castle        Team Pixelboy32202120
Star Fire      Chris Oberth18202130
Star Force          Team Pixelboy32201121
Star Fortress        Classic Game Creations16199821
Star Jacker        Team Pixelboy32202120
Star Soldier      Collectorvision Games-201601
Starcom      Collectorvision Games-201231
StarShip Defence Force      Collectorvision Games-201531
Steamroller        Retrotopia16200021
Stray Cat        Team Pixelboy32201721
Strip Poker      Amy Marie Bienvenu-201311
Subroc Super Game        Team Pixelboy128201421
Sudoku        Team Pixelboy30201721
Super Minefield      Collectorvision Games-201331
Super Pac-Man        Team Pixelboy32201621
Super Space Acer        Mike Brent128201131
Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe      Collectorvision Games-201701
Tank Battalion      Opcode Games-201601
Tank Challenge      Collectorvision Games-201431
Tank Mission      Gerry Brophy-2017101
Telebunny      Collectorvision Games-201431
Terra Attack      Atariage-201051
The Cure      Team Pixelboy-202021
The Stone of Wisdom        Team Pixelboy128201521
Thexder        Team Pixelboy128201221
Track & Field          Team Pixelboy16201021
Traffic Jam        Team Pixelboy32201721
Turmoil 2022          8-bit Milli Games32202140
TwinBee        Team Pixelboy128201420
Txupinazo!        Team Pixelboy32201721
Uridium        Team Pixelboy128201921
Utopia            Team Pixelboy32202320
Uwol Quest for Money      Côté Gamers-202001
Vanguard      Collectorvision Games-201921
Vectorollerpede        Côté Gamers32202300
Vexed      Under4MHZ32202140
Void, The      Atari
War        Gerry Brophy31201461
Warp & Warp      Opcode Games-201601
Waterville Rescue        Mike Brent32200931
Way of the Exploding Foot, The      Collectorvision Games-201131
Winky Trap        Collectorvision Games16200730
Wizard of Wor        Team Pixelboy512201821
Wonder Boy        Team Pixelboy32201221
Yie Ar Kung-Fu        Opcode Games32200541
Zanac      Collectorvision Games-201530
Zaxxon II        Team Pixelboy32202120
Zaxxon Super Game        Team Pixelboy128201220
Zippy Race        Collectorvision Games32200930
Zombie Calavera Prologue        Collectorvision Games32202140
Zombie Incident        Team Pixelboy128201820
Zombie Near        Collectorvision Games128201231
Zoom 909        Team Pixelboy32202120