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Description: These are the homebrew titles produced from 1996 to the present day. The selection is vast and awesome. In order to have a title listed here it would have had been available in cartridge form. Some have ROM files and some don't. Enjoy! And please show your support!


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Name Publisher Size (KB) Year Screenshots Videos
Name Publisher Year Size (KB) Screenshots Videos
1942      Team Pixelboy-202020
421      Mathieu Proulx25200250
Acromage      Team Pixelboy-201620
Alpharoid      Opcode Games-201800
Anti-Environment Encounter (A.E.)          Collectorvision Games17201241
Arkadion      8-bit Milli Games-202251
Arkanoid      Collectorvision Games-202000
Armageddon      Collectorvision Games-201131
Arno Dash      Under4MHZ32202140
Asteroids      Team Pixelboy-202220
Astro Invader      Atariage-200521
Astrododge      Revival Studios-201221
Astrostorm      AnalogKid28202130
Bagman      Collectorvision Games-201551
Bank Panic          Team Pixelboy32201151
Bankruptcy Builder          Good Deal Games26201341
Battle of Hoth      Team Pixelboy-201361
Bejeweled        Amy Marie Bienvenu25200251
Black Onyx, The        Team Pixelboy64201321
Bomb Jack      Collectorvision Games-201531
Bomb'n Blast      Collectorvision Games-201132
Bomb'n Blast 2      Côté Gamers-202001
Bomber King      Team Pixelboy-202020
Booming Boy        Team Pixelboy32201921
Boot Hill      Gerry Brophy-202171
Bosconian      Opcode Games-201601
Boxxle        Team Pixelboy64201521
Breakout        Amy Marie Bienvenu13199930
Buck Rogers Super Game        Team Pixelboy256201321
Bugs'n Bots      Collectorvision Games-201231
Burn Rubber          Collectorvision Games32201251
Buster Bros. / Pang        Collectorvision Games-201230
BustIn-Out      Amy Marie Bienvenu-200000
C-So!        Team Pixelboy32201821
Cabbage Patch Kids      Opcode Games-201700
Canadian Mini Games        Amy Marie Bienvenu32200880
Caos Begins        Team Pixelboy32201621
Caterpillar S.O.S.        Collectorvision Games32201171
Cavern Fighter      Collectorvision Games-202100
Caverns of Titan        Team Pixelboy32201721
Chack'n Pop      Collectorvision Games-201130
Challenger      Collectorvision Games-201901
Champion Pro Wrestling        Team Pixelboy32202021
Chess Challenger      Collectorvision Games-201230
Children of the Night        Team Pixelboy128201821
Circus Charlie          Team Pixelboy32201121
Cix      Good Deal Games-201320
Cold Blood        Team Pixelboy32201721
Comic Bakery      Collectorvision Games-201441
Computer Space      Collectorvision Games-201431
Cosmo Fighter 2      Good Deal Games-200531
Cosmo Fighter 3      Good Deal Games-201011
Crazy Climber Redux      8-bit Milli Games-202150
Cye 1.2      Good Deal Games-200841
DacMan        Amy Marie Bienvenu24200051
Danger Tower        Team Pixelboy32201721
Dead Tomb      Gerry Brophy-202131
Deep Dungeon Adventure        Team Pixelboy128201721
Deflektor Kollection        Atariage31200320
Destructor SCE (Standard Controller Edition)          Team Pixelboy32201020
Diamond Dash 2      Under4MHZ32202140
Digger      Collectorvision Games-201530
Dragon's Lair        Team Pixelboy256201221
Drol      Collectorvision Games-201601
Dungeon & Trolls      Collectorvision Games-201451
Earth Defend 2083      Collectorvision Games-201320
Electric Adventures' Classics      Collectorvision Games-201331
Elevator Action      Collectorvision Games-201231
Flapee Byrd        Collectorvision Games32201431
Flicky        Team Pixelboy32201820
Flora and the Ghost Mirror          Amy Marie Bienvenu30201241
Frog Feast      Unknown21200730
Front Line S.C.E        Team Pixelboy32201520
Frostbite        Team Pixelboy32201721
Galaga      Collectorvision Games-201431
Game Pack #1      Good Deal Games-2002130
Game Pack #2      Good Deal Games-2003110
Gamester 81: The Video Game      Atari
Gauntlet        Team Pixelboy256201921
Ghost      Team Pixelboy-202020
Ghost'n Zombies: A Quest For a Rose      Collectorvision Games-200931
Ghostblaster        Amy Marie Bienvenu32200651
Ghostbusters        Team Pixelboy64201820
Girl's Garden          Team Pixelboy31201021
Golgo 13          Team Pixelboy32201121
Goonies, The        Team Pixelboy128201221
GP World        Team Pixelboy32202120
Gradius      Opcode Games-201601
Gulkave          Team Pixelboy32201021
Hang-On      Collectorvision Games-201601
HeliFire      Collectorvision Games-201331
Heroes Arena        Team Pixelboy32201721
Hole In One      Collectorvision Games-201701
Hustle Chumy      Collectorvision Games-201900
Insane Pickin' Sticks VIII        Amy Marie Bienvenu30201010
J.E.T.P.A.C.        Team Pixelboy32201721
Jawbreaker 1 and 2      Collectorvision Games-201900
Jeepers Creepers        Amy Marie Bienvenu32201051
Jet Pack!      Harvey DeKline4201450
Jet Ready      Collectorvision Games-201900
Joust      Team Pixelboy-201421
Jumpland      Collectorvision Games-201601
Junkwall      Collectorvision Games-201631
Kaboom!        Team Pixelboy16201720
Kevtris      Kevin Horton16199641
King & Balloon        Team Pixelboy32201820
King's Valley        Team Pixelboy32201221
Klondike Solitaire      Under4MHZ32202160
Knight Lore        Team Pixelboy32201620
Knight'n More      Côté Gamers-201641
Knightmare        Team Pixelboy128201521
Kobashi        Collectorvision Games16201030
Konami's Ping-Pong          Team Pixelboy32201130
Kralizec Tetris        Team Pixelboy32201721
Kung-Fu Master        Collectorvision Games128201621
Light Grid Racing      Collectorvision Games-201531
Lock'n Chase      Collectorvision Games-201231
Lode Runner      Collectorvision Games-201331
Lord of the Dungeon      Collectorvision Games-201140
Lunar Leeper      Collectorvision Games-202001
L’Abbaye des Morts      Collectorvision Games-202001
Magical Tree        Opcode Games32200641
Mahjong Solitaire      Under4MHZ32202140
Majikazo        Team Pixelboy32201620
Mappy        Team Pixelboy32201620
Mario Brothers          Collectorvision Games64200931
Maze Maniac        Charles-Mathieu Boyer32200640
MazezaM Challenge      Collectorvision Games-201631
Mean Santa      2600 Connection-202021
Mecha-8        Team Pixelboy128201321
Mecha-9        Team Pixelboy256201620
Memotech MTX Series Games Collection Vol.1      Collectorvision Games-201331
Memotech MTX Series Games Collection Vol.2      Collectorvision Games-201330
Mikie        Team Pixelboy32202100
Mindwalls      Collectorvision Games-201331
Minesweeper      Under4MHZ13202140
Miss Space Fury        Amy Marie Bienvenu32200150
Missle Strike      AnalogKid27202140
Module Man        Team Pixelboy32201321
Monaco GP        Team Pixelboy32202120
Monster House (Youkai Yashiki)      Collectorvision Games-201701
Monster Masher      Good Deal Games-200721
Moon Patrol      Collectorvision Games-201441
Mopiranger        Team Pixelboy32201220
Mr. Chin          Collectorvision Games32200821
Mr. Turtle      Gerry Brophy-201571
Multiverse        Team Pixelboy32201921
Muncher Mouse      Côté Gamers-201901
N-Sub        Team Pixelboy16202120
Nether Dungeon      Team Pixelboy-202120
Nibbli: Son of Nibbler      Collectorvision Games-201430
Ninja Princess          Team Pixelboy32201121
Operation Wolf        Team Pixelboy32201620
Ozma Wars      Collectorvision Games-201130
Pac-Man Collection        Opcode Games128200851
Pacar        Team Pixelboy32201721
Peek-a-boo          Team Pixelboy32201021
Pegged      Under4MHZ32202130
Penguin Adventure      Opcode Games-201601
Penguin Land        Collectorvision Games-201041
Pillars      Under4MHZ32202140
Pippols      Collectorvision Games-201430
Pitfall II Arcade          Team Pixelboy32201021
Pitman      Under4MHZ32202140
Pong      Collectorvision Games-201400
Pooyan        Collectorvision Games32200931
Princess Quest          Team Pixelboy256201221
Prisoner of War      Team Pixelboy-202020
Purple Dinosaur Massacre        Classic Game Creations9199620
Puzzli        Collectorvision Games-201131
Pyramid Warp & Battleship Clapton 2        Collectorvision Games32200930
Qbiqs        Team Pixelboy128201921
Quatre      Collectorvision Games-201900
Quest for the Golden Chalice          Team Pixelboy32201261
R-Type      Team Pixelboy-202020
Rally-X        Team Pixelboy32201620
Remember The Flag        Team Pixelboy32201721
Reversi and Diamond Dash        Amy Marie Bienvenu29200460
Rip Cord      Collectorvision Games-201701
Risky Rick In Dangerous Traps      ArcadeVision-201901
Road Fighter        Opcode Games32200741
Robee Blaster      Collectorvision Games-201701
Roller Ball      Collectorvision Games-201350
Saguaro City      Collectorvision Games-202000
Sasa      Collectorvision Games-201601
Schlange CV      Good Deal Games-200630
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels      Good Deal Games-200660
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels 2      Good Deal Games-200750
Search For The Stolen Crown Jewels 3        Good Deal Games31201360
Secret of the Moai        Team Pixelboy128201820
Sega Flipper        Team Pixelboy16202120
Shifted      Revival Studios-201420
Shmup!        Team Pixelboy32201721
Shouganai        Team Pixelboy32201721
Shunting Puzzle      Good Deal Games-201320
Side Trak      Collectorvision Games-201231
Sindbad Mystery        Team Pixelboy32202120
Sir Ababol      Côté Gamers-202001
Sky Jaguar        Opcode Games32200441
Smurf Challenge      Collectorvision Games-201081
Snake      Under4MHZ14202140
So, You Want to Be a Knight?      Collectorvision Games-201531
Space Invaders Collection        Opcode Games32200341
Space Invasion        Classic Game Creations16199840
Sparkie      Collectorvision Games-201801
Spectar      Atariage-200230
Spelunker        Team Pixelboy128201521
Spunky's Super Car!        Collectorvision Games32201431
Squares        Atariage5200841
Star Castle      Team Pixelboy-202120
Star Fire      Chris Oberth18202130
Star Force          Team Pixelboy32201121
Star Fortress        Classic Game Creations16199821
Star Jacker        Team Pixelboy32202120
Star Soldier      Collectorvision Games-201601
Starcom      Collectorvision Games-201231
StarShip Defence Force      Collectorvision Games-201531
Steamroller        Retrotopia16200021
Stray Cat        Team Pixelboy32201721
Strip Poker      Amy Marie Bienvenu-201311
Subroc Super Game        Team Pixelboy128201421
Sudoku        Team Pixelboy30201721
Super Minefield      Collectorvision Games-201331
Super Pac-Man        Team Pixelboy32201621
Super Space Acer        Mike Brent128201131
Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe      Collectorvision Games-201701
Tank Battalion      Opcode Games-201601
Tank Challenge      Collectorvision Games-201431
Tank Mission      Gerry Brophy-2017101
Telebunny      Collectorvision Games-201431
Terra Attack      Atariage-201051
The Cure      Team Pixelboy-202021
The Stone of Wisdom        Team Pixelboy128201521
Thexder        Team Pixelboy128201221
Track & Field          Team Pixelboy16201021
Traffic Jam        Team Pixelboy32201721
Turmoil 2022      8-bit Milli Games-202140
TwinBee        Team Pixelboy128201420
Txupinazo!        Team Pixelboy32201721
Uridium        Team Pixelboy128201921
Uwol Quest for Money      Côté Gamers-202001
Vanguard      Collectorvision Games-201921
Vexed      Under4MHZ32202140
Void, The      Atari
War        Gerry Brophy31201461
Warp & Warp      Opcode Games-201601
Waterville Rescue        Mike Brent32200931
Way of the Exploding Foot, The      Collectorvision Games-201131
Winky Trap        Collectorvision Games16200730
Wizard of Wor        Team Pixelboy512201821
Wonder Boy        Team Pixelboy32201221
Yie Ar Kung-Fu        Opcode Games32200541
Zanac      Collectorvision Games-201530
Zaxxon II        Team Pixelboy32202120
Zaxxon Super Game        Team Pixelboy128201220
Zippy Race        Collectorvision Games32200930
Zombie Incident        Team Pixelboy128201820
Zombie Near        Collectorvision Games128201231
Zoom 909        Team Pixelboy32202120