by Team Pixelboy | 2021

N-Sub for Colecovision Box Art



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Region(s): Worldwide

Compiled ROM

MD5 Hash: a199e4b8c0dd2a0be3111dca00bea92aDownload  (16 KB)


Get ready for intense submarine combat!

Your submarine is the first line of defense against fleets of invading enemy war ships. It's your job to patrol the sea in your sector and sink any boat that tries to enter the territorial waters established by your government.

The enemy fleets will not go down without a fight, however, so you'll have to evade depth charges and missiles, as well as enemy submarines deployed to take you out as soon as you fall within the range of their torpedoes! And last but not least, you will encounter destroyers that will engage you directly with daring naval looping maneuvers!

Stay alive long enough with your missiles and torpedoes to beat your high score, in this faithful adaptation of the classic Sega arcade game!