Open Source Cartridge PCB Creation (32K ROMs and lower)

Open Source PCB for the Colecovision
by Eric Chartre

This PCB will only handle rom images up to 32 (K) kilobytes in size maximum.

2 Layers PCB 41 x 61 mm FR-4, 1.6 mm, 1, HASL with lead, Green Solder Mask, White silkscreen

Chips Required
1x SN74LS21N - Positive-AND Gate (14 pin) - No programming required


1x IC 27C256 CDIP-28 - Eprom with UV Window (28 pin) - 256 kilobit/32 Kilobytes Chip - Eprom programmer and UV eraser required.
1x IC SST27SF256-70-3C-PGE CDIP-28 - Eeprom (28 pin) - 256 kilobit/32 Kilobytes Chip - Eeprom programmer required. Like this one

You can order the ready to go PCBs from PCBWay and the creator gets a cut by clicking on the link below!

PCB from PCBWay