Colecovision Replacement Motherboard 1.2

by Harvey DeKline (5-11 Under)

Here's the feature list of the CV-1.2:

  • Component (YPbPr) video output - both RCAs and 1/8" jack provided

  • Composite video output

  • VGA (pure analog, not an F18A type solution) video output

  • Audio output

  • 24K RAM

  • Static RAM for VDP

  • Extra controller ports

  • Extra keypad support

  • Easily replaceable controller input chips

  • Single +5V input

  • Atari Expansion Module support

  • Output voltage for Roller controller

  • Power on LED - multicolour Alternate BIOSes - standard 10s delay, 3s delay, 10s/fire delay, etc.

  • Pause button

  • Built-in 31 game multi-"cart"

  • Expansion module circuitry remains

  • All new parts used - except for VDP and audio, which use NOS (new old stock) parts

  • Fits in standard CV case - existing holes in back of CV will likely line up with A/V output and power input

More Info here